Master your project in a world-class control facility. You spent days/weeks/months working hard recording your music. Don't cut corners at this crucial point. Final Mastering is as important as getting the right vocal or guitar solo. Let the professionals in Pyramid Sound's mastering division help you get the most level possible out of your tracks without destroying the quality of sound you've worked so hard to create. Our mastering engineers offer years of experience, coupled with:

  • Full digital editing facilities
  • Vintage, analogue EQs and limiters
  • Knowledge of exactly how those
        EQ's and Compressors work
  • Hi Fi Monitoring system
        where you can really hear what's working
        (or not working) in the Mastering.
  • These elements allow us to create the best sounding masters possible without distorting your tracks and destroying the dynamic range. Don't be afraid to call with your questions about digital mastering. We're musicians too, and we speak your language. Please contact us if you have any questions. A mastering professional will be happy to answer any of your inquiries.